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St Matthew’s
Church of England Academy

Together we work, play, learn and pray with Jesus

St Matthew's Church of England Academy & Nursery - please view our admissions pages for places available in Nursery, Reception and throughout the school.
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St Matthew’s
Church of England Academy

Vision & Values

School Vision & Values 

We aim to be a family community rooted in equality where everyone feels safe, happy and valued as a cherished member of our Christian academy and create resilience, hope and aspirations for the future.

We will provide a caring environment where children and staff are given opportunities to flourish through inspirational learning, love and laughter.


Our core values:








Mission Statement


We believe that there continues to be value in the link between the church and education and that this is seen most clearly in the work of Church Schools.


We believe that the spiritual dimension in human lives needs to be nurtured and encouraged and that this can best be provided through the Christian Faith.


We believe that a church school should provide the best possible education within the framework of, and in to, the local Christian community.


With these things in mind, we see our role in terms of sharing with the children our own understanding of what education – in its broadest sense, and Christianity as proclaimed by the Anglican Church – means for us.