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St Matthew’s
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St Matthew’s
Church of England Academy

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Mr Farr welcomes all pupils, parents and carers to our class page. The learning for each term will be updated, along with photos of our learning. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Turner. Our P.E. days are on a Monday and Friday our children should come to school wearing correct P.E. kit. If you have any questions please feel free to make an appointment and speak to me after school.

Our learning for Summer:



For this term, our class text is Street Child and The Giant's Necklace. We will be writing from the character's perspective, letters from characters and immersing ourselves into the understanding of the literature.





This term we will be learning about decimals, fractions, percentages and also length and height. Of course, our Year 6s are further preparing for their SATs so this does also mean we are doing some additional consolidation tasks to prepare them and also deepen the Year 5s understanding. 


Some useful websites for you to use at home are: (especially the Daily 10 section which the children use at school)




Our next topic in science is the Circulatory system. We will be learning about:

  • the importance of the heart
  • what blood is made up
  • they key roles of the circulatory system
  • how it is varied in different Animals and humans.



In History, Class 4 are looking at the Viking influence on the Angle-Saxons between the 9th and 11th Century. Developing an understanding of Anglo-Saxon kings and how they defended their territories and also reviewing what struggles Edward the Confessor and the rest of Britain had at this time.





During the topic of 'Seaside', Class 4 will be looking at drawings of shells and other beach images. Creating their very own artwork out of a variety of instruments and discussing how varied artists have used tools to create magnificent pieces of Art.





Children will be learning how to:

Outline the importance of the Torah to the Jewish community.

Discussing contemporary and traditional practices of the Jewish faith.

Understanding the Shema, Mezuzah and tefillin and what they are meant to the Jewish faith.

Exploring diversity among the Jewish community and understanding Kosher from different perspectives.




All the learning is focused around 'Music and me', Class 4 will be focusing on how music affects them and also begin to create there own music based on themselves.



Our topic in French is all about 'leisure time' and how to pronounce different activities and times of day in French.



During our unit of 'Flowol' Class 4 will be looking at coding in finer detail and also programming outputs and inputs.



For further parent guidance on out Year 6 SATs this year, you can gain more information at:


SATS guidance for Parents