Our school’s vision is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating educational learning environment which furthers every child’s aspirations, with the teachings of the Christian Faith underpinning their journey.

Firstly can I welcome one and all to our great school.
Part of the St Chad's Trust.

My time as Executive Principal will be shared equally between Havergal Primary School, Staffordshire and here at St Matthew’s – but rest assured I will be working closely with the Head of School, Governors, Staff and all those involved with St Matthew’s to ensure that it goes from strength to strength.

One of the advantages of the system is that if you have any queries you can discuss them with myself or the Head of School.  When I am at St Matthew’s I will endeavour to be available when the children arrive in the morning and again at the end of the school day.  If you would like to discuss a more private issue, then please contact the office to make an appointment for myself or the Head of School.

Mr P Mitchell – Executive Principal

Over recent years, the academy has experienced many significant changes of which I have been proud and honoured to be involved in. As the Head of School I work closely alongside our  Executive Principal.

I would like to personally express my thanks and gratitude to all parents/carers for your continued support throughout my time at St Matthew’s.

Mrs J Mountford – Head of School

Mission Statement

We believe that there continues to be value in the link between the church and education and that this is seen most clearly in the work of Church Schools.

We believe that the spiritual dimension in human lives needs to be nurtured and encouraged and that this can best be provided through the Christian Faith.

We believe that a church school should provide the best possible education within the framework of, and in to, the local Christian community.

With these things in mind, we see our role in terms of sharing with the children our own understanding of what education – in its broadest sense, and Christianity as proclaimed by the Anglican Church – means for us.


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