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St Matthew’s
Church of England Academy

Together we work, play, learn and pray with Jesus

St Matthew's Church of England Academy, Stoke on Trent - Welcome to Our New School Website!
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St Matthew’s
Church of England Academy

Father David’s Letter

As the parish priest and governor, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to this prospectus, and to the insight it will give you into our academy. We are, justifiably we trust, proud of St Matthew’s Academy. In terms of the educational, social and spiritual opportunities we offer to the children who come here, we believe that we are second to none. If that seems like a bold claim, then I invite you to come into academy and see for yourself. Visitors, especially the parents or carers of prospective pupils, are always welcome to come and take a tour around the academy. A telephone call to the office is all that is needed to arrange a convenient time. Whilst most parental contact is necessarily with Mr Griffin and the academy staff, my fellow governors and I are also delighted to meet parents and carers, again by arrangement via the office.


St Matthew’s is a Church of England Academy, which means that we have a firm Christian foundation, rooted in the teachings and practices of the Church of England. Our close church link are with the United Benefice of Meir Heath and Normacot.


Christianity is not just the foundation upon which the whole of our academy life is built, it is also reflected in all that we do. We treat one another with care and respect in school, because each one of us is made in the image of God. We seek to provide an environment in which everyone – staff and pupils alike – can achieve their potential, because that potential is God given. We give of our best, because God gives to us of his best.


Whilst we make no apology for the Christian ethos of our academy, it is important to say that treating one another with respect means respecting that some people will be of other faiths or of no faith at all. Here at St Matthew’s, we seek to respect everyone’s cultural and faith background so that we can continue to be a school where everyone belongs and where everyone is included. So it is that we welcome applications to our school from all sections of our community.


I deliberately use the word “community” because St Matthew’s Academy is right at the heart of our community, and has strong links with so many other areas of our shared life here.


We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Fr David McHardy.