Wrap Around Care Booking Forms

From 29th March 2021, we are permitted to offer after school club, outside, without restrictions. Therefore all after school clubs will take place outside, and can be offered to all children for every afternoon. We are continuing to offer themed clubs for each class, however, any pupil can attend any club, without restrictions. 

Many thanks for your support with wrap-around. 


Each session is charged at £5.00.

Breakfast: From 7.30am, including breakfast.

After school: Until 4.45pm.

All bookings will be charged via Eduspot at the end of each week – unless 24hrs cancellation notice is provided.

Where possible, please ensure that bookings are made before the beginning of each week.

Many thanks.

Summer Term 1 Booking Forms

19.04.2021: (football) https://forms.gle/wtczfwouFbk6GVKb8

26.04.2021: (dodgeball) https://forms.gle/wgxdf89w8zT6jHH17

03.05.2021: (glow football) https://forms.gle/KHDY8iMsBLrDMyBc9

10.05.2021: (glow dodgeball) https://forms.gle/qBxeAqHGqKPaFsmQ8

17.05.2021: (glow cricket) https://forms.gle/y3YiNitYm9ACBoDo6

24.05.2021: (glow dodgeball) https://forms.gle/VXcZj3SQu3wacTKC9

Summer Term 2 Booking Forms

07.06.2021: https://forms.gle/dkxo86E3D24nppx49

14.06.2021: (football) https://forms.gle/oTL82S9mM397mFBU8

21.06.2021: (rounders) https://forms.gle/1LrB8tcsrHWyz1SS9

28.06.2021: (dodgeball https://forms.gle/mG3H8yQWNRHgqxV28

05.07.2021: (handball) https://forms.gle/PjoQcwvwZJvSookp9

12.07.2021: https://forms.gle/nq4ZmwKR6nXVc1dP9