Parent update

13th May 2020


Dear Parents,

As you know on Sunday there was an announcement of the possibility of certain years (N,R,1,6) returning to school in a phased manner from 1st June (please be warned we may not get much warning from the government if it is to go ahead or not).  Yesterday, the government published more information, however we are still waiting for greater clarity; thus at the minute we cannot tell you how we will return to school on the 1st June- we will do so when we have more information.

However, it is clear in the documentation that social distancing will not be able to be maintained all of the time and that parents have the right not to send their children without any repercussions.

In preparation for the potential date of 1st of June, the school has to have a deep clean, which will take time and pupils cannot be on site while this happens.  This, combined with the Bank Holiday, and the need to organise teaching areas (to the new requirements) means that the school will be closed to all pupils for half term (25-29 May).  In order to meet the HR requirement of holiday, but needing staff to be back to organise the school, staff will also not be available to answer questions etc on the Google Classroom from 21 to 29 May and no school work will be set for the half term holiday.

Since the parents of children from (R,1,6) do not have to send their children to school it would be helpful if you could fill in the online questionnaire so we can gauge the likely numbers returning.

Please note it is only years N,R,1, 6 (this does not include siblings in other years) that have the possibility of returning. The school will remain open for key worker children.


Key Info In a Glance

The date set is only a potential one – we may not get much warning from the government if it is to go ahead or not.

School closed 25-29 May Bank Holiday, Deep Clean, Site Preparation.

Staff unavailable to answer questions on the Google Classroom (21-29 May). No work set during half term holiday.

If you have a child in N,R,1,6 please fill in the online questionnaire.